You Know You’re Filipino 008:


When you speak to your parents in a mixture of English and some Tagalog words.


my Filipino parents meeting/talking about people




any other ethnicity:




I wish I looked more Filipino.
Because I get tired of explaining I am, and it gets annoying when people say that I must be half /insert a East Asian race. (๑•ૅૄ•๑)


161. I’m a disgrace to the Filipino race


  • I don’t wear that Supreme/Stussy shit // I don’t dress hypebeast-like
  • LOL I could care less about Manny Pacquiao
  • I actually really do not like / hate DPryde.
  • I’m not a basketball star
  • I’m not a volleyball star
  • I’m not a Jessica Sanchez; I can’t sing
  • I’m not a Brian Puspos; I can’t dance
  • Lol I’m not attractive

Filipino problem #5:


Having your lips go numb from pointing with them so much..


The Problems with Having Filipino Parents when they’re Angry with You


See, this is one of those things that I know I’m going to be incredibly biased about because, well, we are all aware that we don’t fully understand any other culture as well as we would like to claim we do. Anyway, I just got a random scolding from my mom for not telling her something that really, to me, wasn’t that big of an issue. (Maybe, I’m also being a brat about this, and my opinion will most likely change in the future, but for now, IT REALLY WASN’T THAT BIG OF A DEAL) So here we are, i, writing about what my problems are about having Filipino parents, and you, probably agreeing to most of them (if you are, in fact, Filipino too.)

1. They constantly contradict themselves, specially during an argument.

Now, before you say anything, I have never actually had an argument with my parents. When I say argument, I really just mean a full on 3 hour long scolding. See, when my parents scold me, they do so in a calm manner (at least they start off that way. Towards the middle, it kind of escalates to “I’m shouting but it’s my inside-voice-shouting. That’s when I know the decline is about to come and we’ve reached the half-way point.) And I say they contradict themselves not because of the values and lessons that they’re trying to instill in me contradict, but because my mom/dad, throughout the scenario, would start off by saying, “you should’ve said something; told us we were doing something wrong. You really should’ve mentioned something earlier.” and so on. This would last for about a third of the process and then they’d keep quiet, like they were waiting for a reply from me. But as soon as I breathe in, (here it comes..) they start the yelling part of my scolding. Yes, I do believe that it’s a trigger. and yes, they do start yelling because they instantly assume that what I was about to say was me answering back (aggressively or something along the lines of being disrespectful), and at that point, they tell me, “Don’t you dare say anything.” That’s when I am left confused and well, quiet. 

*Notice that I never used the word conversation? that’s because a conversation requires an actual verbal interaction between people. That never occurs when my parents are reprimanding me.

2. They bring up things that you’ve done wrong way back when you were still inside your momma’s womb.

This is why said scenario takes at least 2 hours long. My parents especially love the part where they can drive a conversation to every fucking possible direction. Mind you, everything that I have done wrong, I have had my 2 hour share of agony, but still in every new situation, they never fail to mention the last 500 things I’ve done wrong. (Including washing the dishes, cleaning up my room and/or texting them whether the Tennis player they were rooting for lost or won the game.) For example, a few minutes ago, my mom was talking to me about how I handle my finances, then all of a sudden she’s listing up the fact that I was up all night last night and that I didn’t wash the dishes this morning. How am I supposed to keep up with this? How is anyone supposed to keep up with anything at this point?

3. They always tell you to grow up and be responsible, but they don’t actually want you to make your own decisions.

For this one, I do admit that most of the time, I do know where my parents are coming from ;and they’re very understanding of what I need and feel regarding being an adult. However, I also cannot deny that they never fail to grind my bones when they tell me I need to grow up, then the next thing I know, they treat me like a child. In all honesty, I just wish that there was manual to all of this, because I feel so lost at this point.

*I feel lost because I have this made up idea in my head of what my life should be like at 20, but right now it’s nothing like it. Also, I have friends younger that me, that have done more with their lives at 18 than I have ever done at 20.

4. They love to repeat themselves.

My parents LOVE to do this. They think that by saying the same thing over and over again throughout the 2 hours, it’s going to have a different affect on me. Also, they don’t just repeat the same exact sentences over and over, my parents are more creative. They like to rearrange the words in the sentence and use it in different contexts. I mean, I pretty much get what they’re saying the first time they say it to me. But they just love to always repeat everything that they’ve said the first 30 mins, every 30 mins.

5. You can never live your mistakes down.

Everything that you’ve done wrong in your life under their roof will always be remembered forever. It’s the truth.

6. You get annoyed with them— angry even. But you will always love and respect them no matter what.

You know it’s true.


Whenever there's a family gathering

  • Relative: Goodness, you're a young lady already! And you're so tall
  • Me: [whispers to self] He/She told me that for the millionth time already.

and best face-reaction goes to this person…..


and best face-reaction goes to this person…..



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*Fujoshi fangirl logic*

"The more they hate each other, the more I ship them."

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I’m the quietest person in my class. Imagine how people would react if I abruptly told the whole class that I like watching guy on guy porn

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Kind of don’t care if I live or die anymore

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